UX Seattle is a volunteer driven community website to help provide valuable information to user experience professionals in Seattle. The intent is to improve the awareness of UX events going on, UX job openings, and UX companies in the Seattle and Puget Sound area.  The information found here is updated as needed. Edits and suggestions are community contributed, so please contact us if something needs to be added or edited.


Nick Finck

UX Seattle is curated and maintained by Nick Finck, a user experience professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Nick was previously in leadership roles at Facebook, Amazon, projekt202, Ubermind, and Deloitte Digital. Nick currently teaches a full-time User Experience Design Immersive class at General Assembly in Seattle. 

To learn more about Nick, please visit his personal website at nickfinck.com. If you need professional advice or workshops on how to hire, onboard, level, grow, structure, or goal your UX team, Nick is available on a project basis through his professional site Craft & Rigor.