Seattle UX Mentoring


Mentoring specifically for women in the UX field. Currently offering mentoring in Seattle, New York, and the Bay Area.

IA Institute

A international mentor matching program specifically for those in the discipline of Information Architecture.


Other UX Mentoring programs (not in Seattle)


A mentoring platform to connect UXers across the world, where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to contribute to the UX community – no matter what your background. Rolling out in London first.

A non-profit organization building the only career growth platform focused on providing equal access to educational resources and mentors for designers across the world. Rolling out in Boston first.

UX For Change UK

A platform where UX practitioners come together to share the goodness of UX to change our world by enabling non-profit organizations and the public sector to design user-centric experiences. Rolling out in London first.

Online mentoring offered through a group of six mentors helping designers and researchers in UX become a better at their craft through feedback and gudiance offered on Slack.


A mobile app focused on building new connections which has a mentoring aspect to it. You can swipe yes or no to potential mentors in your field of interest. Its not specifically UX focused but that is a field of interest within the app.



There are many mentoring programs globally but these are the ones that we found for those within the Seattle and Puget Sound Area. For additional resources about finding a mentor, becoming a mentor, or what to expect in a mentoring experience please see this excellent community field guide on UX mentoring.