UX Design

UX Design Intern
Seattle Median: $58,740.00
National Median: $42,449.60

Associate/Junior UX Designer
Seattle Median: $68,088.75
National Median: $69,166.00

UX Designer
Seattle Median: $101,180.83
National Median: $87,426.80

Senior UX Designer
Seattle Median: $120,791.17
National Median: $113,275.75

Principal UX Designer
Seattle Median: $130,850.00
National Median: $119,982.00

UX Research

UX Research Intern
Seattle Median: $75,737.00
National Median: $72,316.00

Associate/Junior UX Researcher
Seattle Median: $80,313.50
National Median: $78,392.50

UX Researcher
Seattle Median: $94,125.32
National Median: $93,393.65

Senior UX Researcher
Seattle Median: $126,505.00
National Median: $113,501.00

Principal UX Researcher
Seattle Median: Not enough data
National Median: Not enough data

UX Management

UX Manager
Seattle Median: $115,642.20
National Median: $111,562.20

Senior UX Manager
Seattle Median: $140,636.00
National Median: $137,733.50

UX Director
Seattle Median: $150,519.67
National Median: $147,136.00

Vice President, UX
Seattle Median: Not enough data
National Median: Not enough data

Chief Experience Officer
Seattle Median: Not enough data
National Median: Not enough data


Data sourced December 2017 from Glassdoor, Indeed, Payscale, SimplyHired, Hired, Coroflot, UX Designer Salaries, Robert Half, and General Assembly. As with all data like this know that it covers the gamut from small startups to large scale multi-national tech companies, so this will skew where the median falls on that scale. In short, don't leave your day job because of what numbers you see here.